Welcome to the Traffic Lights project
By the Student Doctors’ Office for the HvA and the UvA:

About your health and being a student.

The Student Doctors’ Office has developed an internet application using validated scales, to be able to identify and help students with health problems at an early stage. In addition to health problems, other issues connected to studying or being a student are also dealt with. After answering the questions you will receive personal and extensive feedback, consisting of traffic lights: your scores, which you can compare to the average scores, and information and referrals tailored to your situation. Try therefore to answer the questions as honestly as possible. Check your email address carefully: if the email address you have given us is incorrect it will not be possible to send you feedback by email.

you can find extensive project information in this link which is the foundation for your consent to participate (informed consent).

The time it will take you to fill in the questionnaire depends on your answers (on average 15 to 30 minutes). Make sure you have enough time: Giving extensive feedback to you is only possible with an extensive questionnaire.

It is possible to return to the questions if you stop half way through and continue on the same computer.

This questionnaire has been devised for students of the UvA, HvA and Vu (ACTA)

Please contact the project leader
dr. Claudia van der Heijde
E-mail: studentenartsen@gmail.com

Bureau Studentenartsen
Sectie Onderzoek, Ontwikkeling en Preventie
Oude Turfmarkt 151
1012 GC Amsterdam
Enter your email address (preferably from your educational institute). Via this email address your receive your feedback.